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Probiotic & Prebiotic Supplement- 60 Pearls

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  • PROBIOTIC & PREBIOTIC FORMULA: Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are found in specific foods or supplements, while prebiotics is types of fiber that feed friendly bacteria already in the digestive system. Essentially, the FOS Prebiotic in these Pearl supplements helps the good bacteria that your digestive tract needs to fire on all cylinders, providing you with balanced protection and relief.
  • EASES DIGESTIVE DISTRESS: These supplements are specifically designed to provide relief from bloating and gas pain and are also formulated to help prevent future problems from arising. Additionally, these pearls are designed to provide time-released relief, so you can simply take 1 in the morning and feel relief throughout the entire day.
  • INNOVATIVE PEARL DESIGN: The innovative pearl form has the texture of a Smarties candy. Suck on it for a few seconds to make it incredibly easy to swallow. It also makes them 15 times more effective than your average capsule because it delivers 15 times more live bacteria directly to the source (intestinal tract). Our pearl probiotics are one of a kind because of the delivery systems of this design act like no other can.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Banish those MASSIVE sugar cravings!

Am I pleasantly surprised by this product? That doesn’t begin to cover it!I recently read about how probiotics and prebiotics can reduce sugar cravings and was more than intrigued. I’d previously had no idea that there’s actually communication between the gut and the brain, and certain bacteria can communicate needs/cravings to the brain. Oh damn! This might explain why, after eating a filling meal, I was always desperate to get carbs/sugar and keep on eating! They didn’t feel like mere cravings to me — they felt more like compulsions!If that sounds hopeful...there’s even more! With my first pearl, I actually felt the difference! Hard to imagine I know. Now, taking just one pearl daily ensures that I will feel satisfied with my modest, low carb meals AND will not be plagued by the obsessive, grinding NEED to keep eating after I’m full.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Feels pretty miraculous to me! Definitely worth a try.

life saver

Approaching 40, I've had some stomach issues associated with a lifestyle of travel and not the best diet. Each morning I would have to take at least 4 poops by 10:00am and would have bubble gut pretty much every day.If I were to have one scoop of ice cream or dairy I would be up at 3:00am replicating the soft serve machine that gave me the sweet tasting nectar. For the past 5 years I rarely had a poop nugget larger than a dime.Enter these Pearl probiotics... It's been about 60 days and I have never been better. Dairy doesn't turn me into a faucet and I use the bathroom only one time a day with no bubble gut.These little pills are life savers. endbubblegut

C. Mills
SO GLAD I started taking these!

I have Hypothyroidism. Over time I had gotten sluggish, depressed and my digestive process was slowing down and becoming troublesome. After weeks of regularly taking these probiotics and some other lifestyle changes I'm thrilled with the results! After only a few days I already noticed an improvement in overall gut function and "traffic" - caveat : during the bacterial changeover period there were a couple of days of painful gas and abdominal bloat but if you can tough that out, and keep in mind that it's normal and temporary, the other side of it is nothing but good stuff. I can say I'm back to normal gut function, have better energy levels and have even gotten past a depressive rut that I couldn't seem to shake otherwise and was contemplating taking meds for. A tweak in my thyroid medication, starting these probiotics regularly and going to cardio dance classes a few times a week have been a winning combination and I absolutely plan on continuing on -- it feels good to feel good again! :-) Give them a try -- this is a great product being sold by a wonderful company. I highly recommend!

Silly Willey
I Luv Pearls!

I love this product. Due to Fibromyalgia I had IBS. I have tried other probiotics to no avail. Then I read about a combination of Probiotics and PREBIOTICS that one should use as well. these contain both. NOW I don't worry about those accidents if I am away from home. NOW I can at last go away from home and be normal. WILL TAKE THESE ALL THE TIME. Only have to take ONE a day and they need NO REFRIDGERATION. For me they work wonders!

Fire and Ice
These Work!! IBS-D, Saved My Life!! Please Try Them, End Being a Prisoner To Your Home!!

I have suffered with IBS-D for 35 years. I was put on Imodium by my doctor in 1982. They worked great for about 10-15 years but weakened. I am still currently taking 3 Imodiums when I get up along with 2 Earth's Pearls and to be honest, I have never had the symptoms of IBS-D since, I spent so much money on probiotics and "cures" and they failed me every time. I saw the Earth's Pearls probiotics with prebiotics browsing on and thought I'd give it one more shot as I was desperate for help. Score!! I started taking 3 a day, all at once, which was a bit too much just starting out on them and my stomach hurt a bit. I am still on 3 Imodium when I get up of the morning with the 2 Pearls. I didn't have one bit of trouble swallowing them, (not much bigger than a pea) I took them with a sip of warm coffee, went straight down, (you may prefer water, but I don't like water). They are tiny but they pack a powerful punch for my IBS-D. I have been eating anything and everything and have not had any stomach issues with my IBS-D like before. Finally, I found a solution to what was making me a prisoner in my own home for the last 10++ years basically. I get out and go to flea markets, auctions, places I had loved going before this terrible IBS came on. In closing, if you have IBS-D, I would suggest you try these, everyone isn't the same, I am speaking on my own results I'm finally free thanks to Earth's Pearl Probiotics and I couldn't be more thankful!! By the way, I did not get paid nor a free product for my review. It is honest regardless of what others say about the reviews being fake, I know what works and what don't. I would not sit here and take the time to bother leaving this long review if they didn't work for me and trying to help others suffering from IBS-D. I had fallen into a deep depression over my IBS-D ,(YES, IT WAS THAT BAD) and had to be put on antidepressants , I had NO desire to be living this "So called LIFE, I pulled my curtains shut, didn't answer the phone, cried every day to no end, it's like a huge dark pit you can't climb out of, no desire to go outside, nor eat, I fell to 90 lbs. in 3 weeks from 125 lbs. with Depression caused by IBS-D, keeping me locked up inside the house. IF THIS HELPS EVEN 1 PERSON, I FEEL MY LONG REVIEW HELPED and may your sun shine again as mine did.! Thank you SO, SO much Earth's Pearls for letting me enjoy life and LIVE again!!***Update*** 8/24/2019"I buy from this seller a lot. Ever since I found these Pearls, I keep going back. Very nice seller and sells products that really helped me get back on track. Definitely be back! Thank you so much!"I've added photos, I try to stay stocked, currently 1 just opened, 2 sealed and ready. I don't know what I'd do if they ever quit selling after giving me my freedom back. I thought I'd be a prisoner in my own home until my passing day, but instead they gave me my life back. I'm serious, these are a GOD send and Earth’s Pearl Probiotic & Prebiotic are also for finally finding "a cure" for my IBS-D. Thank you sooo much!!March 2 2020"As always, fast shipping, nice packing and product is the BEST!!" I have been on these since the first review above and still going strong 03/24/2020. I honestly have not had any IBS-D since I first started them. I thank GOD I found these and the makers, you can't find a friendlier caring company. Please, don't stop selling them or changing the formula, you all are The Best!!!UPDATENew purchase again May 2020~This is my main seller on , This product gave me my life back after 30+ years. I am forever grateful I found them and their product. Fast shipping and genuine caring company. No problems at all with seller or product. Love LUV UR GUT AND These Pearls!!!UPDATEAugust 18 2020I'm still doing GREAT, and just got another bottle. I am currently stocked up to 5 bottles in the fridge, I'm paranoid about not being able to get these with this Covid-19 going crazy, you just never know and I want to be prepared in any kind of event that MAY make it unable to get, I don't want to revert back to the hell I lived for so long, that's just ME!UPDATE**9/29/2020. Purchased another bottle . I stay stocked by 3. Still taking 2 as soon as I get up of the morning with my coffee. Sill working AS GREAT as my very first purchase above. Honest to GOD, I don't know what I'll do but be a shut in again if LUV UR GUT ever stops selling, NEVER EVER want to go back to that prison. Please, once again,, if you suffer from IBS-D, (in my case) at least give these a shot, just may be a life changer and saver as it was for me!UPDATEOCTOBER 2020-2 more bottles ordered since last update, Stock!!!You won't buy any other brand for IBS-D. I stay stocked with a 3 month supply always. Best purchase I ever made as far as health and will NEVER buy another brand name. Luv Ur Gut has gave me my life back. Speaking for myself and IBS-D, can't tell you how they work for other folks or their main problem as far as digestion. " I do not receive any payme...