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Organic Protein Powder - Vanilla Bean - 2.02 lbs

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  • Includes 1 (2.02 pound) organic protein & superfoods vanilla bean plant based protein powder.
  • Combined benefits of protein and superfoods: 21 grams of organic plant based protein (pea, brown rice, and chia seeds), 5 grams of organic dietary fiber, and only 1 gram of sugar in each serving. 50 organic superfoods per scoop.
  • Vegan, USDA organic, dairy free, lactose free, gluten free, soy free, non GMO, doctor developed.
  • Our organic superfoods blend includes organic veggies, herbs, greens, grasses, berries, fruits, sprouts, and ancient grains. Good source of food based vitamin B6 and C, iron, riboflavin, thiamin, and pantothenic acid.
  • Ideal for healthy, on the go nutrition for men, women, and kids. These are great for an antioxidant boost, weight management, meal replacement drinks, a quick breakfast shake, and smoothies, building grams lean muscle, muscle recovery, and pre or post workouts.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Pretty good

This drink is good when you mix with banana and peanut butter. I purchased this for my husband who, after heart surgery, started to lose weight and become debilitated. it seemed because he didn’t eat well, he began losing weight and he wasn’t very interested in what I cooked. So I made him a shake a day with those two ingredients and it helped him. We also purchased the chocolate. As for me, I used 2 shakes a day to replace meals as a way to lose weight. And it worked! They taste good but have a wonky aftertaste. I mix them in my VitaMix to get them very creamy and well mixed - sometimes with water and other times with soy milk (its what we drink normally). Its the wonky aftertaste that prevents me from giving 5 stars but using the peanut butter (2 tsp and a banana) makes that taste go away. A good product for your good health.


This is the best protein powder I’ve had! The consistency is perfect, I’ve tried it with almond milk and water and both are great! I like that it has in the added super foods for more nutrients.

Best Tasting Vegan Protein Powder

I'm a vegan athlete and take in 50+ grams of vegan protein per day solely from powder supplements. This is a lot of protein to suffer through when it usually doesn't taste all that great. I've suffered through a lot of different protein powders in search of one that sucks the least. Well folks, this is the one. Not only does this one suck the least, but it actually tastes good IMO. It makes excellent smoothie bowls, nicecreams, smoothies, and pure shakes. Yes, even by itself with some water or milk it's tolerable! The first time I made a smoothie with this powder, it was like starting a new life. I had forgotten that joy can exist in smoothies. Thanks, Orgain, for giving me my joy back!

Great for those who are lactose intolerant

Was recently clinically diagnosed as lactose intolerant. Very intolerant. As a pretty religious fitness person I've been trying plant based proteins to fill the gap as everything else is made with whey. This so far has been the best all around. I mix with equal parts of oat milk and water and it is great on flavor. Not so great is the grainy texture which is common with these plant based one. I will say, however, this one not only is this one the most reasonably priced; it is packed with alot of great nutrients. I actually feel a bit energized with it. It's also packed with fiber so use accordingly. So if you're like me and have had to divorce milk products, this is so far the best I've tried.

Vanilla bean? Yes, please!

Let me start off by saying that I am not a fan of vanilla protein powder... I could probably go so far as to say that I hate it. I decided to try this, however, because I have been drinking more smoothies with lots of veggies/fruit and the flavor of my favorite chocolate peanut butter protein powder just did not mix well with it. I went out on a limb and tried this today with my lunch smoothie and oh man.... I am in love! I double blended it for a smoother, viscous drink and it was perfect. It wasn’t chalky, overpowering, or fake tasting. I highly recommend this powder.In case you’re wondering, though I’m sure you’re not, my smoothie consisted of water, spinach, green apple, frozen broccoli, frozen strawberries, a frozen half banana, and this perfect powder. I am pleasantly full and feel energized to take on the rest of the day!