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Organic Superfoods & Immunity Powder - Tangerine - 9.9 oz

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  • Includes One (9.9 oz) Tub of Orgain Superfoods + Immunity Up! Powder in Orange Tangerine.
  • Immunity Booster, built with 50 organic superfoods including fruits, veggies, super berries, turmeric and wheat grass Plant-based ingredients that are USDA Certified Organic, made without gluten and Soy, and Non GMO.
  • Excellent source of Vit C, D and Zinc. Contains 1B Probiotics, 4g of Organic Prebiotic.
  • Fiber and Apple Cider Vinegar to support immunity.
  • Contains Super Mushroom Immunity Blend: Reishi, Cordyceps, Ashwaganda.


Customer Reviews

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Great quality �

I can absolutely feel the difference with this superfood .. it is great

Orgain Works Their Magic Yet Again!

I'm a huge fan of Orgain products. I don't know how they take healthy ingredients that should taste about as delicious as your average hay bale and make it actually taste good! I didn't love this as much as I love their superfood protein powder, (YUUUMMMM!!!!) but it's still pretty impressive given the ingredients they're working with. I mix the powder with apple juice to make it even more delicious and then it's not bad for a superfood mix! The texture is a little thick, so maybe mixing it into a smoothie would be better texture wise, but it's not bad just mixed into water/juice. I'm downright impressed by the amount of superfoods they packed into this little jar! Just a note, the title says this is a pack of 12, but I only received 1 container, so the title of the listing should really be updated.

Orgain Organic Superfoods Powder 9.9 oz Honey Crisp Apple Flavor

A look at the long ingredient list provides the answer as to why this organic immunity product is so useful. There is simply no feasible way to, on a daily basis, ingest all 50 superfoods, various vitamins and minerals along with probiotics in an easy to manage one scoop (2 tablespoon) serving of this powder.This 9.9 ounce tub contains 20 servings and although subjective I find this honey crisp apple flavor excellent. There are no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, soy ingredients or gluten components in the non-GMO formula—and to use just mix a scoop in 12 ounces of water—it dissolves easily.This serving is one scoop which measures out to two tablespoons and it has 45 calories, no fat, 12 grams carbohydrates, 1 gram sugar (none added) and 1 gram fiber and protein. There is a foil inner which ensures the product arrives fresh and untouched. To estimate shelf-life the expiration date is 21 months in the future, but dates will vary.

Tastes Pretty Good!

When I turned 50, I decided it was a good time to begin taking some supplements to assist in the aging process. I also wanted to do everything I could to boost my immune system during this pandemic. I started taking daily Airborne and elderberry supplements back in March 2020. I am still taking elderberry each day, but I wanted to try to replace my Airborne supplement with these organic superfoods plus immunity. The price point is quite high, even compared to Airborne, but I am very pleased with this supplement. It dissolves quickly in cold water and doesn't taste bad at all.I have not noticed any negative side effects at all from this supplement. I also haven't noticed any positive improvement, but I never did feel any positive effects from the powders I was using for the last eight months. That's one of the sad realities of taking vitamins, minerals, and other supplements. We don't often feel the benefits of them, so we don't know if they are working. We have to just put blind faith in them.

Great Immunity Blend In Convenient & Tasty Apple/Cinnamon Drink

This powder is loaded with plant-based ingredients I can’t normally get through traditional multivitamins, and it’s a convenient way to incorporate so many superfoods into one drink. I find the honeycrisp apple flavor is very palatable, and has a cinnamon taste. It doesn’t mix up very well, but anyone who takes powdered supplement drinks knows that’s true of most brands. I continually stir as I drink—by the time I’m finished with a glass, most of the powder is dissolved. Be aware monk fruit extract is an included ingredient in this; it sometimes gives me stomach upsets, but I think the real culprit is what monk fruit is mixed with, like maltodextrin or sugar alcohols. Those additions aren’t found in this mix, and I have not had any digestive problems.