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Medium Yoga Ball - Dark Blue

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  • EXTRA THICK AND ANTI-BURST: One of the highest density exercise balls in the market! It is 2000 micrometers in thickness and can resist up to 2200 lbs.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND ANTI-SLIP: Made of eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic material, free of BPA & heavy metals.
  • EASY TO INFLATE: Save time and energy with the quick inflation foot pump included in the package. Also comes with 2 more air stoppers.
  • VERSATILE USE: Great for pilates, yoga, back, and abdominal training, and pregnancy gymnastics! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
It didn’t work for me but great customer service

After speaking with customer service they actually send me a replacement and I was able to get a working pump. The ball is nice, and seems sturdy but didn’t work for me. I can’t get it to inflate at the size I need it but it’s a good ball.First of all, I noticed the little parts coming of the ball and a very weird order. Had to get it cleaned up with wipes, also noticed marks like dents. The pump wasn’t working properly, so it took a long time and eventually had to use my air compressor. I noticed, that after the first sitting today it lost some air, will try to air up again. If issue persist will reach out for a return.

Jason besner
Yoga ball for mama bear

Excellent quality. Loved that it DID come with a pump that could be used by hand or foot. I bought the ball for my wife who is 7 months pregnant and does yoga. Our Lamaze classes recommend the pregnant moms to be use it for help getting comfy. This company had great reviews for this product. I did find out that the ball did not ship with a plug. I'm not sure if it is supposed to or not. I emailed the vendor and within a couple hours had a response (pretty awesome response time compared to other vendors). The vendor was quick to rectify the situation but I'm still unsure if the ball was supposed to come with the plug or not. I'd assume it should come with ball as it would be relatively useless with a plug to keep the air in.

Jennifer Taylor
Throw out your chair!

I got rid of my chair and honestly this has made my upper back pain go away. I am a student and mom and I'm online all the time with homework and I would be so stiff and in so much pain. This small change of getting rid of my chair which was comfy and making myself sit on this ball has done more for my back then a year of physical therapy. Also it goes right under my desk and BONUS my husband can no longer hang every towel he uses to shower on the back of my chair and use it like a coat rack. I can't praise this enough and it works great for my 4 year old who has sensory processing disorder/ADHD it's one of the suggested Proprioceptive Activities suggested for high energy sensory seeking kids. Thanks!

Quality Exercise Ball at a Great Price

This exercise ball is made with high quality, durable material. It’s very bouncy, sturdy, non-sticky, and non-slippery. The lines on the ball make it easy to hold, squeeze, and bounce even if you’re a heavy sweater. I use the ball both for exercise and as an office chair. I followed the size chart to find the right size, and this worked perfectly for me. The ball is packaged with a small foot pump, and took about 5 minutes to inflate. Also enclosed are an air hose, two different sizes of nozzles for the air hose, three white plug pins, and a plug pull clip. The colours are vibrant and aesthetically pleasing, and I used nail polish to paint the heads of the plug pins the same color as my ball.Although the simple instructions for initial inflation and use are posted midway down the product page, the instructions enclosed in the package are not nearly as clear and comprehensive. Before using for the first time, 1) use the enclosed measuring tape or your own tape measure to make a note of your ball height (45cm, 55cm, 65cm, etc.) with a piece of tape or post-it note on the wall (do not use it to measure the diameter of the inflated ball), 2) pump the ball up to about 80% of that height and leave it for 24 hours without using, 3) after 24 hours, pump the ball to slightly more than the full height (you’ll lose a little air when you transfer in the plug after pumping) then leave it for another 24 hours before using.

Althea Photography
The best baby soother EVER!

I bought this ball while I was pregnant in hopes that I could help dilate myself...I don’t know if any of the bouncing actually helped, but the true magic happened after my son was born.This ball is sometimes the ONLY thing that gets him to stop crying....and without fail, it always makes him stop. It’s a little annoying because bouncing on this ball over and over really starts to hurt my back after awhile, but man it’s worth it to know I have something up my sleeve to calm him down.If you’re on the fence about this ball and you have a newborn - get it!!