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30 Day Colon Cleanse Detox Formula

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  • Cleansing Capsules - Dr. Bo Colon Magic is a gentle and NON-habit-forming cleanser for men & women. It's a natural herbal way to tackle constipation fast and get daily regularity relief. This pure, super potent detox blend provides extra strength to achieve a total bowel movement and kickstart colon cleanse for weight loss.
  • Support Weight Loss - Our colon cleanse detox helps the body eliminate extra pounds by promoting the flush action in the intestine. Flatten your belly fat, help that bloated feeling and improve digestive health. Great for a 10, 15, or 30-day program for the ultimate daily intestinal cleanse.
  • Detox & Constipation Relief - This premium colon detox kit provides the best ingredients for quick results like psyllium husk, senna, aloe vera, cascara sagrada, rhubarb, barberry, and slippery elm. Our formula helps cleanse waste deep in the gut for a flatter stomach and cleaner bowel and supports men and women's full-body health.
  • All Natural Colon Cleanser - This easy and gentle formula by Dr. Bo will help anybody have a full comfortable bowel movement every time and support their weight loss goals. It's a healthy dietary supplement with no side effects like laxative cleansers.
  • Happy Gut & Belly - Our colon cleanse pills formula will clear your bowel every day to help blow away that fat bloating feeling, supporting you with total health. All batches are 3rd party lab-tested to guarantee purity and quality.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Works on multiple colon problems!

The product worked exactly as advertised. Even with severe IBS, it made me regular within three to four days. There’s a waiting game at first as your body adjusts, and the waiting time may play out different for you, but follow the bottle instructions and you will begin to see “the Magic.” It worked for me, my twin (who first told me about it), my mom (who also has IBS), my husband, and my son. All of us have different colon problems (IBS, Chronic constipation, chemo side effects, and celiac). I can not recommend it highly enough. Fantastic product. Also, I received a handwritten Thank You letter from the company owner. Great customer service.

12hr turn around

Has a weird taste, but all these do. They get stuck in my throat if I take both at the same time. Works as it’s supposed to. No cramping like other ones I’ve used in the past. Works like 12 hrs after I take the pills. I take them at bed time and by noon I’m all cleared.

Quick results

All I can say is WOW!!I have tried other products to help with regularity and feeling better on the daily. I actually took less than the prescribed amount in the fears that I may need to “go” or have extreme cramping.I take one at night with the rest of my vitamins. Come morning everything is working great!!I had colonic therapy in the past and this would of bee a great add on to the sessions following. I recommend Dr. Bo’s to anybody the desired to feel lighter, less bloating, no stress to “go” and just a sense of it’s working.The fact that I received a personal notecard the following week was a nice personal touch. I will for sure continue ordering Colon Magic! Thank you again

ADD TO CART NOW! these work.

Cleans your body well so you can be healthy and allow for maximum absorption of other nutrients from food and supplements. Highly recommended and I've tried lots of different colon cleansers. I AM NOT BEING PAID OR BRIBED TO GIVE THIS REVIEW. IT IS 100% my true, personal experience.

just plain works!

after menopause in my early 50's, my metabolism and digestive system seemed to just come to a dead halt. after years of exercising and eating fairly well, i still packed on 10 extra pounds seemingly overnight. and worse, the feeling of constipation, bloating, and general malaise that accompanied would not go away no matter how much fiber, water or exercise i did. this product is not a miracle weight loss pill, but it has improved my colon habits to where i feel regular again. it dosn't upset my stomach and is mild compared to otc laxatives. i've been taking one or two pills per day depending on how i feel for about three months. so far so good!