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14 Day Colon Cleanse

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  • The colon plays a vital role in health and digestion. This advanced cleansing formula is made up of the finest herbs, fibers and probiotics that are optimized for an effective 14-day cleanse.
  • Start feeling good again - our cleanse is the perfect starting point for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Supports digestive health by cleansing toxins and waste from your body, supports healthy and regular bowel movements, and increases absorption of essential nutrients.
  • Includes 28 capsules - 1-2 per day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
It works, be careful

First night took one before bedtime as in the instructions. Next day nothing. Night 2 upped the dose to 2 pills. The next day at around 11am it began. What I can only describe as a full day tour of each and every toilet in my home. It wasn't painful, or unpleaent in any way, just near constant. Night three I took it down to 1 pill and had a milder day. Long story short after that second day I seriously lost some weight and felt very good.

works great..

Don't be surprised if it doesn't work for the first couple days...then BANG...works great...

My Holiday Cleansing Log... or logs...

I recently started my 14 day cleanse hoping to start the new year 'fresh' and purge all the bad build up from the year/holiday. I have followed the directions and am consuming more water then it requires but I normally do. I will update my progress as time allows. I take it before bed (9:30 pm) so Day 1 its technically the next day. I started while I was off for the holidays so that I could get a handle on the experience before meshing it into my work life. I normally go once a day in the AM 5 days a week. I will update this as things progress.Here goes:Day 1 - No noticeable cramping. I actually missed my normal 'morning window'. But about 10:30 am it was show time. Much larger than normal but solid. The smell was pretty bad. I guess it’s the loosening up stage. Went a total of 3 times the last being running with lots of pressure behind it.Day 2 - Still no cramping. The Gas has set in. I can clear a room. I went all morning without a movement, I was just 'venting'. I took other people advice and make sure I did not fire anything off without being in the bathroom. Made it through the whole day with no bowel moments other than lots of gas.Day 3 - Woke up at 7 am with moderate cramping ready to go. I had a good deal or darker colored stool at first. The smell is like nothing I have ever had come out of me and I am an avid Mexican food consumer. I was in the bathroom for 20 mins (15 mins of action and 5 mins to finish angry birds). While I was washing my hands I had to go back in for another round. The stool was loose and lighter colored the second time. I went 6 times through out the day. There seemed to be mucus like 'stuff' laced throughout the loose logs. Like the colons version of tinsel on a tree.Day 4 - I again hit the bathroom half awake at 7 am with mild cramps. I almost made the mistake of letting gas vent in bed. Wow am I glad I didn't. I no sooner hit the seat before my body let out what is best described as a chocolate shotgun blast. This prompted a shower after. I have noticed a good deal of oily film on the water. I hope the smell means that my body is getting rid of this stuff and not reacting to the formula. Day 4 is in the books with 5 movements. Most of which were urgent requiring a fast paced duck walk to the nearest bathroom. Frequent gas 7/10 on the funk scale...Day 5 - Went right after my first cup of coffee. I was all some what solid and it was less urgent this time. Still producing a large volume of the 'tinsel turds'. I have been drinking 6-8 bottles of water a day and have definitely noticed that I am thirsty all the time. I have also noticed that I am ravenously hungry. I am sticking to small healthy meals (chicken breast and fresh veggies). I made it through the day with only one movement. The Gas has definitely been the most extreme today that it has been. I am not sure how I am going to do this at work. I am basically a walking crop duster. 11/10 on funk scale. I am also down 5 lbs from day 0.

Here's what I've experienced in the last week from taking this product...

This product definitely works and I saw immediate results. (Warning, do not read if you're squeamish. hahaha) The first three days of the cleanse I visited the restroom about 4-6 times per day. The results were diarrhea and what looked like candida deposits as well as old food like corn kernels, etc. The fourth day I had a large bowel movement with what looked like possible parasites and more candida deposits (I know, disgusting!). My flatulence was also really horrible! By the 5th day, my stomach was noticeably smaller (inches). My 6 and 9 year old noticed and asked me what I did to lose weight. The night of day 6 I went from seeing light brown evacuations to dark brown (not black and not with blood) evacuations. The smell was horrible. I did some research and this seems like it's most likely fecal matter that has been sitting in my system for a long time. I'm now on day 7. My face normally a little full looking. This morning I looked in the mirror and my face and body are NOTICABLY thinner. I have more energy, no bloated stomach, more focus and a thinner figure and I'm only half way through. I also do NOT crave sugary or greasy foods like I used to. One more benefit that I've experienced is that normally when I eat a meal or drink coffee, I immediately have to use the restroom which normally results in diarrhea. Today for the first time, I drank coffee and ate a meal and did not feel the need to rush to the restroom. I feel this product is getting rid of toxins and items in my colon and small intestines that were irritating my body and making trips to the bathroom not normal. I will definitely continue this cleanse and then buy this product again when it's safe to do another cleanse. Hope this helps!

Dr Tobias vs Dr Who?

I can't post my first review kicked it off, so I'll just sayI'm 6' 6" 332lbs, 56 Look like Bigfoot, Figured I need a good old cleanse so I picked Dr Tobias,it was 14 days of Dr Tobias meets Dr Who and be pepared to remove some really weird looking stuff from deep inside youI got some mild cramps, weird feelings like guts moving around and growls.Dr Tobias meets Dr Who.Really ugly stuff will come out of youGet ready to poop 4-6 times a day, Drink lots of water, LOTS it helps flushes things out.Baby wipes buy them have them readyDon't go camping on this stuffToday I weigh 319lbsI feel great and belly is mushy not hard like beforeJust laugh and do it, you will want to get that nasty stuff inside you outI'm glad I did.