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Bone Density Supplements - 240 Capsules

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  • Complete Multinutrient Bone-Health System
  • Published Clinical Trial With Bone-Up
  • Often Imitated Bone Supplement
  • Bone-Up is always UP-FORMULATED to include the latest breakthroughs in bone health.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
I reversed osteopenia

I've been taking Bone-Up by Jarrow Formulas for years. Several years ago I was diagnosed with osteopenia, the condition that preceeds osteoporosis. So I started taking this every day religiously. At some point my osteopenia was reversed and now my bone density is within the normal range.I do a lot of weight bearing exercise which helps build bone, and along with this, I did something that I didn't think was possible which was to reverse my thinning bone loss. I also walk two miles a day most days.So it is possible to reverse bone loss if you are determined to do it and put in time exercising and taking Jarrow Bone-Up. I wont' stop taking this for life.

I'm Sticking with Bone-Up

I first tried Bone-Up as a Vine reviewer, and I liked it so much that I bought more. My nails are now stronger than I ever remember them being and it seems to be helping my hair, too.The first bottle I reviewed was for Bone-Up as a pill and the one thing I hated was the faint taste-smell when I swallowed them. I had to drink something with a strong flavor to cover it up. (They're big oblongs and you need six per day.) This time I bought it in capsule form and there's no unwanted flavor. They're easy to take with plain old water.Considering what Bone-Up has done for my nails, I'm sure it's helping strengthen my bones as well. Good stuff.

Highly recommend for bone growth and bone strengthening

Jarrow Formulas Bone-Up is a terrific product. I had spinal fusion surgery several months ago and this product really did promotes Bone Density and helped my spine heal. Anyone that needs something to help promote bone growth (osteoporosis, osteopenia, etc.). can benefit.

Helps your bones.. Two accidents~No broken bones.

I’m a older women and have Osteoporosis, and have been taking Jarrow Bone-up for a few years.I will NOT take the Meds a couple of Drs. begged me to take, and that was 10 yrs ago. Btw they told me, I wouldbreak a bone with in two years if I did not take Boniva or a Reclast infusion!! (Know Two people who died of Reclast)I had a bad accident in Hawaii 3 1/2 yrs ago, and I did not break anything, which the Drs. there where shocked about!3 weeks ago, another accident, was taken to the hospital by ambulance, after X-rays, did not break anything..Thank goodness. Although Drs. told me I would be on crutches for two weeks! No, only for 3 days..Although my leg was still swollen.From my investigating, I believe the best Calcium to take is Hydroxyapatite, which is in this Jarrow..It says to take 6 aday, I maybe take 3 aday, and not everyday. I’m slim, and small bones, and for me 6 is too much.I believe one of the reasons I have Not broke any bones is because of Jarrow..I do take other supplements , and make sure I take 5000 mg of D3 a day and I mostly eat organic, No smoking, try to stay away from sugar, & red meat. etc.If your taking those drug store calcium pills, those could be going to your Arteries and Not your bones. They do not absorb in the bonesproperly, but the Hydroxyapatite does go to the bones and not your arteries...Do Not load up on calcium though, as calcium does come from food also.5 star, and good price for bone health.

Awesome for building bone density without harmful side effects!

Before I started taking bone-Up, my bone density showed my bones to be 10 years older than I am. After 5 years of taking it, my bones are now younger than I am, and the DEXA scan was performed as I entered menopause. Does not upset my stomach.