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Bone Health Supplements - 180 Capsules

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  • Support for strong bones: when calcium and magnesium are properly absorbed from the bloodstream, it can be utilized to help build bone density. Taking bone health supplements like calcium, magnesium, and vitamin k2 can help individuals who have thinning, weak bones to build stronger bones.
  • Optimal bone health support: our bodies require calcium to do several important tasks including helping to clot blood properly, support nerve & muscle health. Calcium is also important when it comes to bone and teeth health.
  • Cardiovascular health support: heart healthy supplements that facilitate proper absorption of calcium in the arteries. Our unique blend for bone health helps the body utilize calcium in order to inhibit calcium deposits in the arteries for a protective, heart healthy effect.
  • Natural ingredients: dietary supplement guaranteed to be free of corn, milk, soy, salt, sugar, wheat, yeast, artificial flavors or preservatives. Raw whole-food based formula with probiotics & enzymes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
I immediately purchased this product based on positive reviews and am very happy I did

I am 68 years old and broke my ankle on March 2, 2016. I immediately purchased this product based on positive reviews and am very happy I did. I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I was able to avoid surgery and both my Orthopedist and Physical Therapists have commented how well I have healed, especially considering my age. I am just delighted and would definitely recommend this product. Although I certainly can't prove my speedy recovery is due to this product, I really do believe it helped hasten my recovery.

Just Right

Just what I was looking for and at a better price.

Five Stars

Recommended by my Naturopathic Doc. More absorbable by our system than others. Great buy for the money :)

Great bargain

looking for a more natural way to deal with bone density over prescription methods.

Watch out for acid stomach -- get the dose right

This supplement is wonderful for fingernails, so hopefully for bones, too. Recommended by my doctor and a pharmacist. Had taken it before, had acid stomach, never made the connection. Skipped a couple months. Acid stomach returned when started taking it again. Decreased dose from 3 capsules twice a day to 2 capsules twice a day. Stomach is fine. Will continue to use.