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Elderberry Immune Support - 60 Count

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  • Essential Support: These Immune Support Gummies provide you with vitamins A, C, D, E, and Zinc. They're made with real elderberry extract, an antioxidant that gives our gummies their delicious taste.
  • Vegetarian Friendly: These Gummies are made with vegetarian-friendly ingredients. While other gummies use animal gelatin, we use fruit pectin to give our gummies their soft, springy texture.
  • Immune Support For The Family: Well be there to help your whole hive be ready for anything with our immune-supporting lineup for the entire family, made with ingredients like real elderberry and zinc.
  • Natural Ingredients: From vitamins that help support immune systems to cough syrups that soothe, powerful natural ingredients like dark honey, elderberry, and agave form the backbone of our products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Its works!

I always get sick. Everytime someone gets sick at the office or at home, i'm always sure to get it. I take multivitamins, vit c, and lotsa of different supplements to help my immune system but it wasn't until i got a free bottle as a giveawya prize of this elderberry gummies that something actually worked! Since then i bought two more bottles since its cheaper from and these isn't cheap at all but i feel its worth it. For the last two months with a lot getting cough and colds, i never really caught it. Sometimes it seems i might have started having them but it never comes fully really. I stopped taking my other stuff and just continue with 3 pcs of this gummy,l and my daily multivitamins, and sometimes an extra vit c gummy but mainly i just take these elderberry gummies now. And im yet to get sick with colds or cough.I like how the gummy is also easy to chew and doesn't stick to my teeth like other gummies do. The taste really taste like berry, sometimes a bit sour but i like sour candies anyway.

Love this stuff

Love this stuff!:) it's a little sweet for me but it beats being struck with the nasty virus/cold. That I had last year that would not go away,devastating:( had to go get antibiotics last year. This year frick not will I every get that back again!! I take zarbee's a few days( I normally take 1or 2) take a break and take a gummy multi-vitamin. Stay hydrated, wash ur hands when u are out and about, anyone sick in the house clean, lol . But anyways, I have not gotten sick this year!!:) stomach flu recommend carrying crystallized ginger to eat with water or flat coke soda.

They definitely work! So tasty too!

I love these! I literally crave them. Every single person in my family has enjoyed taking these and they have appeared to keep us well. There are times we avoided getting sick, but if we did get sick it was because we were out of these or our illness was shortened or symptoms lessened. For example one time I did get sick (which was still less often then years prior) I had mucus, but it never stuffed me up all the way and it stayed clear in color the duration of my illness which never happens for me.Edited to say: a full year or more later and they are still working for us! I was more diligent with taking them during the holidays this year and we avoided illness besides some food poisoning which these wouldn't have helped anyway!

These Really Work

My work colleagues swear by these magical gummies and have been trying to make me a Zarbee's convert for months. I felt a cold coming on just 5 days before Christmas and my work friend loaned me her bottle of Zarbee's. So I take the Zarbee's, and take to my bed. At her insistence and standing over me at my desk, I order my own bottle, which arrived on Dec 23. Like a Christmas miracle, with 3 Zarbees a day, and lots of rest, I'm able to make it to Christmas Eve services with no sneezing, coughing, or any cold symptoms.

Health never tasted so good

The jury's still out on the health benefits of the elderberry supplement and especially this gummy version. I wouldn't be surprised either way. At any rate, we're supplementing with elderberry this fall/winter in conjunction with hyperhydration and good general nutrition in order to avoid flu or flu-like viruses. And it's not hard to do. These gummies are delicious. I kinda feel like my 3-year-old who constantly says he "has boogies" in order to get more vitamins. They're delicious.