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Immune Support with Vitamin C - 60 Count

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  • Quercetin 250 Mg
  • Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 500 mg
  • Zinc (Picolinte) 50 MG
  • Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) 750 IU


Customer Reviews

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Excellent overall!

A great combination of healthy vitamins and supplements, including Quercetin that has been shown to naturally regulate immune responses in allergies and asthma. I'm a physician who specializes in allergy and immunology, and this combination of antioxidants and immune regulators is perfect for anyone who wants to better control and optimize their immune system. Highly recommended.

Helped me beat Covid

I am 10 days past symptom onset of Covid and feel nearly 100% back to normal. I took these 2x a day and another highly potent multivitamin for use while on a Keto diet. Ironically I had started the diet and vitamins 3 days before exhibiting Covid symptoms. I am a middle aged overweight white woman with blood type O+. I’m not 100% sure but I think this supplement helped in conquering Covid. My husband, now Covid positive, is taking the same supplement regimen and Keto diet. He is going through the early phase of body aches, headaches, fatigue, but on Day 2 he is fairing better than yesterday, and I think how I did the first few days. He has been taking this supplement for weeks before, while I had Covid. I will update as he gets better.

Julie Ann
Covid support

My husband and I bought these after seeing a news article saying if people were taking these 4 vitamins (the 4 included in this) it could have saved 9/10 people who died from the coronavirus. I started taking these 5 days before I tested positive for Covid (not knowing I had it). I only ended up with a fever for 12 hours and nothing else. The health department representative that called a couple days after my positive test said I was the healthiest person with Covid she had talked to. My friend who had coronavirus was having a hard time for a week and a half and I gave her a weeks worth of these and she was feeling fine In a couple days. Maybe it was all a coincidence, but for less than $40, what’s there to loose?

Karyn Gallant - Zitomer
Perfect combination of the nutrients recommended to fight Coronavirus

I've done a lot of research on natural ways to boost your immune system and increase the likelihood of having a robust response should you be exposed to the virus. Quercetin, Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin D are the superheroes of the natural arsenal. This brand is well tolerated, easy to swallow, and has recommended amounts of each nutrient.

This Supplement is An Option To Build Up Your Natural Immune System - In The Midst Of This Pandemic.

4/15/2021I purchased this in December 2020, to increase my immune system. It contains several supplements suggested by my, and other Doctors, to help to build one's immune system - in the event of an infection from Covid-19. I also consistently wear a mask, and wash my hands, and I social distance - as advised. I took this supplement *along with*my regular "Age 65+/One A Day" daily multiple vitamin tablets - as well as an added once-a-day Omega-3 tablet, with the hope that I would (continue) to stay healthy - and not become infected with C-19. Let me add: I and my family (8 of us) traveled round trip, by airplane - for a 2-week vacation - to another state, in mid-December 2020.Thankfully, none of us got sick! :) By the way: As a retired, and widowed, 68 year old Black woman - I also took on a temporary office job - in Feb. 2021 ... to alleviate the occasional boredom of staying indoors a lot. Thankfully, so far, my health remains completely intact! �� P.S. A week ago, I was vaccinated, and I did not have any side effects, other than a very slightly sore shoulder.SO FAR, ALL IS GOOD! :)