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Wild Blueberry Powder - 6 oz

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  • POTENT WHOLE BERRY POWDER: Our organic wild blueberry powder is made from whole wild blueberries (also called bilberry, or V. myrtillus). This means you get all the nutrient-packed goodness of the pulp, seeds, and skins of organic Nordic blueberries. (ORAC = 35100mol TE/100 g).
  • SEE THE DIFFERENCE: Unlike cultivated berries, our powdered wild blueberries are purple or dark violet in color throughout the berry. (Did you know? Wild blueberries contain 4x as much anthocyanin as farm-grown blueberries!).
  • A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY: 6 oz. (171 g) of wild blueberry powder organic = 46.82 oz. (1325 g) of fresh, juicy, wild organic blueberries. By freeze-drying our wild blueberries instead of dehydrating them, we preserve both their nutrients and taste.
  • FINE-GROUND POWDER DOES NOT DISSOLVE: Our wild blueberry powder mixes easily with smoothies, yogurt, porridge, muesli, granola, protein shakes, and more. Because it's made from whole organic wild blueberries and nothing else, our freeze-dried blueberries powder does not dissolve in water, much like fresh blueberries, and unlike blueberry juice powder.
  • HANDPICKED IN ORGANIC FORESTS: All our wild blueberries are handpicked in pristine Finnish, Estonian, and Swedish forests. Wild-crafted organic blueberries grown in Nordic climates naturally produce high levels of antioxidants and other nutrients.

Customer Reviews

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Very Satisfied

I bought this for a friend, who raves about it. Although it is good in smoothies, he just eats it with a spoon. The bag it comes in is hard to reseal, so he put it in a glass canister with a rubber seal that you can clamp down. It keeps moisture out, freshness in, and is easy to get into with a spoon, and less chance of spilling. I recommend this product if you want the benefits of billberry (my friend says it helps his vision) at a much better price than capsules.


Excellent products. They're expensive, but you get what you pay for. I'm grateful makes it possible to get international products like this super fast through Prime. The wild blueberry powder tastes great and it more concentrated with nutrients than the regular blueberry powder sold at Whole Foods, and I tolerate the lingon berry powder better than cranberry products (it's essentially a wild cranberry).The raspberry powder is the best I've tried. Others have been too acidic and hurt my mouth, but this one is perfect.

A Pantry Must Have

This is one of the most nutritious and healing foods available to eat - and putting it into powder form makes it SO easy and delicious to incorporate into my diet. For a while I was limited to frozen wild blueberries which are useful for my smoothies but not a whole lot else. With this powder I can whip up a quick uber healthy snack that's delicious. My favorites are mixing it with peanut butter and coconut flakes, or into yogurt (I like it with Fage if I want dairy, or cashew yogurt if I'm in a vegan mood). It's also delicious sprinkled over raw or traditional granola. Although it is pricey and I do hope the cost comes down, the quality is top notch - and it does have 52 serving. But, it's so good I sometimes have more than a single 1 tbsp serving. I once accidentally spilled several tablespoons of it into a small bowl of yogurt and didn't want to waste so I ate it -- let me tell you, it was not only delicious but gave me an all-day energy high. This is a new staple food in my diet and I use it at least 2x/week.

Bag was ripped, but it was replaced.

I like the product it doesn’t really taste wild blueberry. Just taste like unflavored powder, IMO. For me I like this way. Because I mix it with 4 other Juice and vegetable powder.

truly organic, excellent

Product has a genuine taste, feels totally natural. Packaging is very good, so is service. Very important to me: it mentions the country where the fruits were harvested. I bought several fruit powders from this company and recommend the other berries as well